First working prototype of FDI (Field Device Integration) to be presented at the NAMUR AGM

An FDI host system prototype and the use of FDI device packages for FF, HART, and PROFIBUS device integration will be presented based on a multi-vendor system.

Bad Neuenahr, November 9, 2011 – For the first time ever, FDI device packages will be used to integrate Foundation Fieldbus, HART, and PROFIBUS field devices of various manufacturers within an ABB process control system, and typical applications, such as parameter assignment, configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance, will be demonstrated. The system makes use of prototypes of FDI standard host components developed by the FDI Cooperation. The purpose of the working prototype is to verify the FDI concepts, apply the standard host components in a system context and demonstrate FDI functionality. Next steps:

  • Publication of the first draft of the FDI specifications (end of 2011)
  • Completion of Conformance Test concepts, Mid 2012
  • Completion of the validation and release of the FDI specifications for member review within the foundations (mid 2012)
  • Completion of the FDI standard host components, such as EDD Engine and User Interface (UI) Engine by the FDI Cooperation (end of 2012)

FDI provides users and manufacturers of field devices with a uniform and easy-to-use solution for device integration into systems, asset management and device configuration. End users and device manufacturers benefit from the following advantages: The life cycle costs will be effectively reduced in the long run, the handling becomes easier and the technical risks will be minimized.

The five major automation foundations FDT Group, Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International, and OPC Foundation will combine their efforts with regards to device integration in a joint company. Thus, in September 2011 a new company named FDI Cooperation, LLC (a limited liability company under US law) was founded in order to establish an organization for the management of a common and uniform solution for field device integration (FDI).

DI Cooperation, LLC originated from efforts at the EDDL Cooperation Team (ECT) to accelerate deployment of the FDI solution, which was kicked-off at 2007 Hanover Fair. Since then, the project has carefully shaped the technology direction for the converged FDI solution. FDI is a unified solution for simple as well as the most advanced field devices, for the various tasks associated with all phases of their life cycle such as configuration, commissioning, diagnostics, and calibration. FDI Cooperation, LLC membership includes five major automation foundations: FDT Group, Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communications Foundation, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International, and the OPC Foundation. In October 2009, ECT broadened the scope of the FDI project to harmonize EDDL across communication protocols and provide FDI Design and Test Tools including a common EDD Interpreter. Implementation of the extended scope was supported by seven major supplier companies: ABB, Emerson Process Management, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, Invensys, Siemens, and Yokogawa.

This is a joint press release by FDI Cooperation.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Sigrun Ebert-Heffels
on behalf of the FDI Cooperation

Phone: +49 (721) 595 56 76
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